Free Fall Experimentation

Topics: Gravitation, General relativity, Length Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: December 12, 2012
During this experimentation an observation of gravity will be evaluated using instrument to calculate its effect. Due to the minimum height presented the calculations may present a conundrum, however, the determination will be made against various heights. After accomplishing the various protocols needed to receive measurements, the challenge will be taken into an exponential dilemma, in order to receive precise calculations. Procedure

The methodology to this experimentation is quite simple:
The primary objective under the circumstances of this project is to assemble the free fall apparatus. By doing so it would allocate the ball bearing and landing pad so that it may give us calculations for our gravitational measurements.

Afterwards setup a certain distance between the top of the landing pad and bottom of the ball bearing. Then ascend the distance by a specific amount. During my team’s experimentation, we escalated by 5 centimeters. Starting from point 20cm up to 95cm.

Afterwards, commence setup for the ball bearing. Push the pin at the top of the screw set, so that the ball is nested in the hole of the flexible metal strip, between the brass contact and the strip.

When the ball bearing is in place, lightly tighten the thumb screw to lock the ball in place. Make sure the landing pad is beneath the predicted landing area.
Set the initial distance so that the ball falls to recommend tabular values from the landing pad to the bottom of the ball with a meter stick. Record the actual distance in centimeters.
When ready to calculate untwist the thumb screw to release the ball bearing. Record the time measurements, and repeat 3 times for each consecutive length.

Data Table with Recommended Tabular Values

y(cm)T1(S)T2(S)T3(S)Tav = (T1+T2+T3)/3
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