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Status Study of Women Fish Vendors
Jointly undertaken by

Trivandrum Social Service Society & Sakhi Women’s Resource Centre Supproted by

Calcutta Ondoan, Spain


(Random survey study of women fish vendors of Trivandrum District)

Trivandrum Social Service Society (TSSS) Samanwaya, P.B NO.828, Bishop’s House Compound, Vellayambalam, Thiruvananthapuram -3, Kerala, India. June, 2012 Email: Ph: 0471-2723498

Status Study of Women Fish Vendors 2012

PREFACE _________________________________________________________________ 6 INTRODUCTION ___________________________________________________________ 9 PART 1: SURVEY OF WOMEN FISH VENDORS __________________________________ 13 I Personal Information _____________________________________________________ 13 II Family Details __________________________________________________________ 14 III Occupational Pattern ____________________________________________________ 16 IV Savings/ Investment/ Indebt______________________________________________ 22 V Literacy status __________________________________________________________ 26 VI Marriage: _____________________________________________________________ 28 VII Health / Reproductive issues _____________________________________________ 29 VIII. Religion / Politics _____________________________________________________ 37 IX. Violence/Legal Mechanisms______________________________________________ 39 PART II: SURVEY OF FISHERMEN ____________________________________________ 42 I Personal Information _____________________________________________________ 42 II Living conditions ________________________________________________________ 43 III Occupation pattern _____________________________________________________ 43 IV Savings / Investment / Indebt ___________________________________________ 45 V Literacy status __________________________________________________________ 49 VI Marriage: _____________________________________________________________ 50 VII. Religion / Politics ______________________________________________________ 51 Summary________________________________________________________________ 59 Annexure 1: Brief note on the six regions: _____________________________________ 63 Annexure 2: Tables generated from the survey of women fish vendors ______________ 64 Annexure 3: Tables generated from the survey of fishermen ______________________ 85 Annexure 4: Questionnaire -Women fish vendors _______________________________ 97 Annexure 5: Questionnaire -Fishermen_______________________________________ 105

Sakhi /TSSS


Status Study of Women Fish Vendors 2012

Sakhi /TSSS


Status Study of Women Fish Vendors 2012

Trivandrum Social Service Society encompasses vast coastal belt of Trivandrum revenue district and 90 percent of its target population belonging to Fishing Community. Most of the fisher people still live on with the traditional fishing methods and the women are engaged in selling of the catch. They being one of marginalized communities in Kerala are deprived of the fortune of the common people, which does not require further mentioning of the status of women folk of this community. The personal identity, struggles for livelihood, family situation etc of the fish vending women are more challenging. TSSS is empathetic and involving with them for their empowerment and sustainable development since its inception in 1960. With this end in view a Fish Vending Women’s Forum was formed in 1992 at Thoothoor region federating 8 villages. This was replicated in all the other five coastal regions in subsequent years. At present the Forum is functioning effectively in 42 fishing villages in Trivandrum and Kannyakumari Districts having the strength of 3600 members. Fish vending women, even today are forced to carry the stigma related...