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Topics: Higher education, Health care, Academic degree Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Training and Education in Healthcare
Foluso Akende
May 9, 2013

Education and Training are important to ensure that critical risk management and loss control information is presented to, understood and utilized by healthcare professionals and staff. I have always heard that you are never too old to learn, and as long as you keep an open mind, a positive attitude, and a strong dedication for what you are doing, you are destined to succeed. In healthcare, there are always essential trainings and classes being held for employees to complete when learning new procedures or just refreshing their memories with requirements they do on a daily basis. These educational and training programs provide the tools required to move toward service excellence. Energized, committed and educated employees make a positive difference in a patient’s healthcare experience; untrained and undereducated employees lead to potentially unsatisfactory service situations. This is critically important since most malpractice claims and lawsuits are pursued based on patients’ feelings about those potential communication and service lapses. True service excellence, or providing services at the highest level, needs to be embraced by everyone in your organization. This can be accomplished through targeted training and educational programs focusing on improving patient, or “customer” service. 

Depending on the level of success you’re seeking to achieve, the level of education may be relative, but the bottom line is, an education of some sort is often paramount to future success. Completing increasingly advanced levels of education shows that you have a drive and commitment to learn and apply information, ideas, theories, and formulas to achieve a variety of tasks and goals. Another primary reason education is important, is that it’s become a basic requirement for so many employers, to even get your foot in the door. Many employers require...
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