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Topics: Foreign exchange market, Monetary policy, Central bank Pages: 11 (3473 words) Published: February 20, 2013
1a.identify the mission, values, and objectives of organization and the influences of stakeholders for its organization2
1b.the extent organization achieves the objectives of three stakeholders6
1c.the responsibilities of the selected organization and strategies employed to meet objectives of stakeholders7
2a. the economy of Vietnam9
2b. the welfare policy in Vietnam11
2c.the impact of macro-economic policy measures and influence of the global economy on Vietcombank13
Reference list16

In the primitive world, the bank began from the simple work is keep something for the people whose possession to avoid losing it. On the contrary, the customer must pay money for that service. When this works take the benefits for all of people (keeper and sender). Gradually, the human send the various things such as money, gold… Nowadays, Vietnam is still developing country and the government is always support, improve, develop economy system. Therefore, the government needs the bank which can help them reduce the inflation, the variable economy…so, Vietcombank is the first bank selected for pilot privatization. This bank came into operation on 02/06/2008 after successfully implementing the privatization plan through IPO conducted on 26/12/2007. At the present, Vietcombank has affirmed its position as the leading bank providing a wide range as well as modern banking activities such as forex trading, derivatives, card business, ebanking…

1a.identify the mission, values, and objectives of organization and the influences of stakeholders for its organization Throughout the development and change of any organizations, their mission, values and objectives are the foundation for the organizations’ unique culture. In Vietcombank, they set and passed down their mission, values and objectives to generations’ people at Vietcombank. “Vietcombank mission is “Always for customers’ successes”. The bank has relentlessly endeavored to improved service and product quality and diversity its product ranges to better serve customers’ needs. With substantial investment in technology, the bank has built up a modern technology platform, capable of supporting the development and providing technology- intensive products, giving it the first mover’s advantage in many business areas. To name just a few, Vietcombank has been the only domestic bank with an online network in 2004, covering 30% of country annual import- export settlements turnover and 45% market share of the credit and market. Vietcombank also plays as the market maker in the monetary market, the clearing center for domestic financial institution including foreign banks’ branches in Vietnam, and the lead manager for project syndication. Apart from traditional banking services, Vietcombank can now provide customers with a much wider spectrum of financial service ranging from commercial and investment banking, insurance, leasing to consulting service” ( | Explanation| The influences of stakeholder.|

Mission:“Always for customers’ success”| They not only want to get profit, but also they want to bring the best choice, the right choice for the customer with the maximum value.| * Knowledge and Skill of the employee will influence on performance * The support and contribute of shareholder in expand the trade market * The satisfaction of customers based on the service, the attitude/ manner, the volume of the prestige| Value 1.The first bank applied ATM modern technology is strong finance from the government3. Choice of top corporate/ wide ranges of customer connected stakeholders| They are pioneer in technology in banking of Vietnam. On the other hand, they are use technology in working process such as: save data, calculate, manager…by high tech facilities.Vietcombank is the famous and prestige bank have a large market shareGovernment protection...
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