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Topics: Child abuse, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 2 (449 words) Published: February 20, 2013
FEBRUARY 5, 2013


(2.) How do you think campus violence affects students at your school? It sparks dialogue and actions on campus. *Are there differences in how men & women respond to news that there has been a rape or violent assault on campus? If so why? Yes there are differences . Women react more than men about campus violence because they get abused more. (4.) How worried are you that you become a victim of a violent attack? I am not worried that I will be an unsuspected victim of a violent attack. *Be accused of perpetrating a violent attack. I would not be accused. *What things are you worried about & why. The thing that worries me is the overhaul of gang violence. It’s late when I get out of school and that’s when gangs attack night hours. (5.) Should students be able to obtain licenses to carry concealed weapons on your campus? Why or why not? No. That’s what police security is for to protect students. *How would you feel if you were sitting next to someone with a handgun in his or her belt? I would be petrified sitting next to someone with firearms because that would lead me to believe he would use it on the students in class anger among a student triggers any kind of mental mind lapse. *How do you think your instructors would feel about having gun-toting students in their classes? Instructors would not like gun - toting students in the class because they fear they will use the gun on them while their back is turned or use it on the students. (6.) Why do some people develop into violent or abusive adults & others become pacifists or peaceful adults? Some people develop into abusive adults because of anger and excessive stress. I can also say substance abuse and the impact of the media. *What key factors influence violent offenders to be violent? Poverty, Unemployment , Parental Influence, Cultural Beliefs, Discrimination, Religious Beliefs, Political...
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