Free Anti Virus for Humans

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Today most of the children know that their PC (Personal Computer purchased from market) must have an Antivirus system to safeguard it from different virus attacks which results in crashing of their PC. There are many soft- ware companies selling their Antivirus soft-ware. Free of charge / Trial packages are also available on line. Intelligent children can find out free Antivirus Programs from different websites. Latest operating systems coming in with Antivirus as built -in feature. It is extremely fortunate that Our IC (Individual Computer gifted by God) i.e. “THE BRAIN” already has got a lifetime built-in Antivirus system protecting our IC from all kinds of viruses, provided it is activated by our “SELF, NAFS, CONCIENCE or ZAMEER” 24 / 7. It is extremely unfortunate that many of us (including myself) do not keep it activated; viruses keep on attacking, corrupting files and folders, damaging programs and ultimately crashing the operating system. The result is high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, cancer, aids etc. Most unfortunate part is that just like in case of PC, instead of reporting the problem to the vendor we purchase pirated cheap CDs to resolve the problem, in case of IC we purchase pirated expensive Medicines instead of contacting the vendor “GOD” by just dialing “24434” i.e. for Muslims: 2443 4

Fajr Zohar Asr MaghribIshaa

or other methods of direct dialing according to individual’s belief. I am prepared to face the hue and cry of the readers of above paragraph because I can understand they must be having solid and genuine arguments in favor of Vaccines / Medicines and Doctors. Some people quote “Holy Books” that:- a) Disease is from God.

b) Cure is from God.
I beg to differ with part a) as disease, problem or any trouble is not from God but it is ultimate result of wrong doing of our “SELF”...
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