Free and Easy Science Experiment Steps

Topics: Experiment, Preserve, Food Pages: 3 (337 words) Published: February 5, 2013

Get an apple

Cut the apple in nine slices

Sprinkle the first bag with salt

Sprinkle the second bag with sugar

Keep the third bag the same

Place three apple slices in each bag

Wait for one week and record results


If apple slices are placed in re-sealable bags, then the ones that have not been sprinkled with salt or sugar will rot fastest, because sugar and salt help preserve the apple slices better.

Data and Observations

Date Control Sugar Salt 11/17/12 Placed in bag Placed in bag Placed in bag

11/18/12 Nothing Sugar melted Salt partially melted

11/19/12 Starting to oxidize Nothing Nothing

11/20/12 Continues to oxodize Nothing Salt finished melted

11/21/12 Continues to oxodize Slices shrunk Slices look preserved

11/22/12 Starts to rot Shrunk more Became soft

11/23/12 Rots Slices become squishy Absorbed salt

11/24/12 Slices are rotted Slices are bendable Slices are squishy



I was trying to see which apple slices will rot the fastest. The slices without any preservatives rotted and the other slices with preservatives didn’t rot. What I found out that was significant was that my hypothesis was correct.

Statement of Purpose

In my investigation I was trying to figure out which apple slices will rot the fastest.


The hypothesis was correct the apple slices that were not...
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