Frederick Douglass and Abolition

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Frederick Douglass and Abolition


A lot of people lead their lives for selfish purposes and face their demise without making a difference to the residue of the world. Some others leave a life of substance and make a mark in such a manner that the pages of history are proud of their accomplishments and services. Frederick Douglass falls under the second category of people and the role he played in relation to the abolition of slavery earned him a place in some of the most respected elements of history.

Frederick Douglass’s contribution in this context was all the more important because slavery was that part of the identity of society which functioned as a disgrace to its integrity and proper operation. It was also an impediment to equality and gave an unfair advantage to one group of people over another. This study is based on discussing and analyzing the role Frederick Douglass played in the abolition of slavery and will unfold after establishing and outlining some fundamental facts about his origins and early life.

Frederick Douglass and Abolition

Background and Early Life

Frederick Douglass day of birth was in February 1817, in a region linked with Maryland. He was born to a slave mother and did not have a chance to have any knowledge of his father. His early years were marked with a lack of close relations and the affection linked with them. His early years can also be defined to be full of difficulties and hardships (Frederick Douglass biography, n.d.).

Further years of his life also gave him a chance to move from his early dwellings and sever Hugh Auld, whose wife death with Douglass in a compassionate manner and also provided the basis of his education. Further history also makes an indication that he went on to serve several other masters till reaching Baltimore shipyards. He also utilized another African American's papers to run away to New York (Frederick Douglass biography, n.d.).

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