Freddy Mercury

I. Introduction
A. How many singers do you know that walk around shirtless, prance around the stage, and wear a cape and crown? Probably not too many. Well, that is because not too many singers are as much of studs as Freddie Mercury. B. If you don’t already know, Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen, a popular band during the 70s and 80s. C. Although the other member’s of Queen were important to its success, I will be focusing on Freddie Mercury in my speech; his early life, musical career, and his death and legacy.

II. Body
A. Early Life
1. Birth and school
a. Freddie Mercury was born in 1946 on the small island of Zanzibar. b. He was Persian.
c. At age 8 he was shipped to a boarding school. 1. It was here that he first joined a choir and learned the piano. 2. His friends remember him having a unique skill to hear music and play the exact notes back. His piano skills helped him create many of his songs later on during his musical career. 3. He also was a great artist, sketching and drawing in his free time. 4. Along with artistic abilities came his athletics ones, like winning his school’s table tennis championship at age 10. 2. First Bands

a. The first band Freddie was in was one called the Heretics 1. The band consisted of 5 school friends. 2. They played for social events, but not much else. b. After fleeing Zanzibar with his family due to the Zanzibar Revolution. He joined a band called Smile. 1. This was the first time he started to seriously compose his own music. 2. He played piano for the band.

c. Joined a new band called Sour Milk Sea as the lead...
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