Freak the Mighty

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  • Published : February 16, 2012
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Freak the Mighty
My opinion that this book was a little sad because Kevin (also known as Freak) had a disease that made him stop growing at three feet so he had to wear metal leg braces and crutches. Also in the beginning Max was a bully because in the beginning of the story Max was called Kicker because whoever touched him Max will hurt that person by punching and kicking him/her. The book also talks a lot about friendship and trust because when Freak and Max first saw each it was only for one afternoon and that afternoon they barely talked to each other but once years have passed, some how Freak moved next to Max’s emptied neighbors house (the only reason the house was empty because the old neighbor was still in jail) So after Freak got out of the truck he was still three feet but at that time Max just got a growth spurt and was almost six foot three. But before Freak can be his neighbor he was already six foot three and grim and gram (grandma and grandpa) was shocked. But size didn’t matter they were still best friends. Even when Tony the teenage criminal was chasing after Freak and Max and they had a lot of trust on each other while they were getting chased. That’s how Freak the Mighty was created! When Killer Kane was following them they used some toxic but non-harmful liquids to defeat Killer Kane. After that Freak had so many other plans to do with Max was happy to join and Freak the Mighty one of the most saddest parts of this story is that Max’s dad died Freak’s parents got divorced and had to stay with her mom. But the saddest part of all is in the end Freak got send to the hospital because of his heart, then the next morning around 3:00 am Max woke up to go to the hospital to check on Freak, but when he got there everybody who worked there was crying and trying to hug him. He felt that he was kicker again because who ever tried to hug him he will try to beat up. He found the room Freak was in so he punched the window went right through, but before he...
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