Freak the Mighty

In the story, Freak the Mighty , by Rodman Phillbrick/(peter chelson), a young but humongous boy named Max Kane learns many lessons about life from the people around him. He changes his way at looking at the world from many people including his friend Freak, his dear Gram and Grim, and Loretta.

We can learn many lessons from Freak and Max. You shouldn’t always think negatively about yourself, because what you think isn’t always the truth. In the story, Max thought he was stupid until Freak came along and made him think differently. In the book, Freak notes to Max, “It’s all in your head Max, everything you can remember (page 151).” This clearly shows that Freak knows Max has a brain. Without Freak saying this, the book itself might have never been written.

Loretta also teaches Max a lesson. When Max and Loretta met on the street, Loretta said “Nothing’s a drag kid, think about it (page 160).” By saying this, she mans that doing nothing sucks, and that he shouldn’t be wasting his life like she is wasting hers. She’s saying that he is lucky to be alive, and that he should do what he can with the time that he has. After Kevin past away, Max had been doing nothing but hanging in the down under. These words persuade Max to take out the book that Kevin had Given him and write down the story of Freak the Mighty.

Besides learning a lesson from Loretta, he also learned a lesson from his grandfather. After Kevin passed away, “Grim” stated, “…it isn’t how long you’ve got that matters, it’s what you do with the time you have…,” which meant that Freak spent his time wisely with Max, and they both had fun with the time they had together. Just because Freak passed away, doesn’t mean Max should be wasting his life. Grim also showed Max to not judge a book by its cover, and look on the inside. By saying “All you got from him is your looks and your size. You’ve got you’re mothers heart and that’s what counts,” he teaches Max a lesson that just because he looks like...
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