Fraternities and Rape on Campus

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  • Published : January 27, 2011
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Criminology-Essay #1
Fraternities and Rape on Campus

By: Rohit Aggarwal
Course Code: SOC 036
Due Date: June 30, 2010
As girls enter into the next stage of their lives which is post-secondary education they’re looking forward to a year of possibly living alone for the first time in their lives and sometimes the freedom gets to you because you feel like you can do anything without worries. Most of these girls want to join cliques and meet others, the best way they find is to get to know people in fraternities but little do they know is most of the guys who are part of fraternities think that they are invincible and can do whatever they like. These guys tend to drink a lot of alcohol and provide a lot to the girls in an attempt to get into their pants and at times they may use force to do so. When guys are drunk they tend to lose control of their mind and let their penis guide them and this usually causes them to go ahead with rape as they feel there’s no consequences because they have a lot of back since there in the fraternity. This is a fact because 90% of rapes consist of fraternity men so basically the reason behind this is they feel like they’re on top of the school. This can be seen many examples over the past years where a bunch of guys would gang up and rape one girl then leave her to rot in the fraternity somewhere. This has to be prevented as it is illegal and it should be taken more seriously. In today’s world we need to consider the importance of gender inequality and how it relates to the feminist theory.

Most universities and colleges the fraternities are all portrayed the same way as a party house. Rape is really probable because of the kind of people in the organization and the way that it is set up and the university or college has a lack of looking over the fraternities. The fraternities have an impact on human behaviour and human nature because guys feel like they get this dominating ego when they are in a fraternity which causes them to...
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