Fraternal Bonding in the Locker Room

Topics: Gender, Woman, Female Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: December 10, 2007
"Fraternal Bonding In The Locker Room"
The men's locker room is known as the shrine of men and center of fraternal bonding. According to Timothy Jon Curry, "fraternal bond is usually considered to be a force, link, or affectionate tie that unites men". Fraternal bonding is done through sports whenever they have the chance to talk about whatever is in their mind they would do it. It's the reason men use to get close to one another, and share their secrets or past experiences. Fraternal bonding is based on two elements. On element is the "nature of male culture" and the other is "how male athletes view women". The nature of male culture has to do with the general view of fraternal bonding in a locker room. One example of this is the spoken aspects of the locker room. This is how men in the locker room interact with each other about anything. These are things that men have been doing for a long time now and not something they just recently learned. Some of the activities around which men bond are found negative toward women and all affect other that are outsiders to the group. Members of a fraternity usually bring out sexist joking comments. Another example is the competition in the locker room. Everybody in the locker room are good friends but that doesn't matter when trying to make the team. Locker room talk is mostly about the common interest that derive from the same back round but that is all put to the side because no one's position on the team is ever totally secure. Yes sport provides and activity to bond but the men you are bonding with can take your position. Another element to fraternal bonding is how male athletes view women. In the locker room men view woman as a person and men view woman as an object. A woman is categorized as a real person when the athlete taking about her has had an ongoing social relationship with the woman. It is most often about personal concerns that athletes might want to tell their best friend on the team. When telling the...
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