Topics: Black people, Frasier, Culture Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: March 16, 2013
In Episode 16 of season 7 in the sitcom Frasier there were times where communication was not used properly. Communication was not being used properly between Frasier and Dr. Mary, because Frasier was worried how Dr. Mary would take criticism. This lead into a discussion in Frasier’s home with his brother Niles and they began a role-play as Frasier and Dr. Mary. Frasier has his own perception on how Dr. Mary would be defensive with the confrontation because of her race and ethnicity. Frasier play out the conversation in an explicit way towards Dr. Mary’s co-culture. While Frasier role-play as Mary he uses a low context culture style. This is shown when Niles starts the conversation Frasier replies with direct and personal opinions. Using the low context culture form of communication is also a way to persuade others to see things one’s way. Frasier was playing the role of Dr. Mary with replying in a way to persuade Niles to understand the subject in the way Frasier understands.

In this role-play of the episode, I would understand if someone in my race could get offensive. The reason why I would say it is offensive, because of the way Frasier used slang and gestures when he acted as Dr. Mary. He was using hand and head movements that a black woman or girl in an urban culture would use theirs. He also quoted some slang that most likely is normally used in the co-culture of the black community. By Frasier doing these little simple things like nonverbal gestures and a different language can offend someone. For instance, I felt that the role-playing was mocking Dr. Mary because of her race, gender, and class. But the humor did change the context. Humor changed the context because by me knowing that it was a comedy base sitcom I wasn’t offended. I am use to the jokes and the sarcasm, because of my experience of watching the show before.

I would have changed the message to reflect greater co-culture sensitivity by having Frasier and Mary have a one on one...
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