Franz Schubert

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FRANZ SCHUBERTMusic Appreciation Section 02


It was Franz Peter Schubert, who said to a friend “I have come into the world for no other purpose but to compose”. For someone to be so certain, focused and dedicated at such a young age with extraordinary talent and promise, finding out more about Schubert’s life and astonishing music was a must for me.

Franz Peter Schubert was bone in Vienna, on January 31, 1797 to his father, Franz Theodor Schubert and his mother, Elisabeth Vietz. Because Schubert father was a schoolmaster, he began receiving lessons from his father at an early age, as early as age five. A year later Schubert was enrolled in his farther school and taking lessons not only from his farther but also piano lessons from his brother Ignaz. Schubert was very talented and gifted, there were times when his instructor would try to teach him new things which he already had knowledge of. It was at age eleven when Schubert became a choirboy in the court chapel and won a scholarship to the Imperial Seminary. It was at the Imperial Seminary that Schubert was introduced to the symphonies of Mozart and visits to the opera that strengthen his musical knowledge. At an early age Schubert played the viola and also wrote many of his early string quartets in the family string quartet, with his brothers Ferdinan and Ignaz on violin and his father on the cello. Schubert composed many masterpieces in his late teens while teaching at his father’s school. While teaching Schubert also continued private lessons in composition from Salieri which had a huge impact on Schubert’s musical training than any of his other teachers. By the time Schubert was eighteen he composed 143 songs including The Erlking, which grabbed my attention. The Erlking is rich with emotions and has a physically powerful dialogue. When listening to The Erlking you can visualize the movement and passion so well that...
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