Franz Kafka Life and Style

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  • Published : April 5, 2009
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FRANZ KAFKA LIFE AND STYLE Through out time, there have been many interesting and particularauthors that have been able to differentiate from many if not from all. Despite this I believe I have seen nothing like Franz Kafka. This is why I decided to write my paper on him and his particular style. Since I believe that no one develops a singular style without a singular past, I will begin by describing some of his background and his origins. Then I will continue to describe, interpret and connect three of his short stories from my own personal perspective. The stories included in my analysis are “The Judgment” (I made emphasis in this story since it’s the one we covered in class) “The Metamorphosis” and “The Trial”. Franz Kafka was born in Prague to middle-class Jewish parents. His father, the son of a village butcher, did not have a strong educational background but his ambition compensated for the education he lacked. He rose from a traveling peddler to a successful retailer and wholesaler, and married the daughter of a wealthy brewery owner. Kafka was the firstborn, followed by two brothers who died in infancy, and then three surviving sisters. Throughout his life, Kafka's memories of his childhood, and in particular of his childhood relationship to his father, were bitter. Kafka entered law school and received a doctorate degree. While a law student, he associated with many members of Prague's burgeoning scene of young, German speaking writers. During this time, Kafka knew writing was his vocation, but did not feel he could make a living at it but he didn’t want to try either. Concerning his love life he encountered a very long and complicated relationship with Felice Bauer. It seems like he was trying to convince himself to be with her, got engaged twice and he ended the engagement both times. Through out his life his relationship with his father never really improved. He wrote a letter to his father describing how he had feared him and how he felt....
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