Franz Kafka

Topics: The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka, Gregor Samsa Pages: 3 (1073 words) Published: June 25, 2012
Victor Gutierrez
English 231: Modern Fiction
Assignment 1

There are many parallels between “The Metamorphosis” and the famous author, Franz Kafka. While some things are not documented, certain things can be implied between the life of Gregor Samsa in the novella “The Metamorphosis” and Franz Kafka from the information known. The author goes on to paint a vivid picture of a family’s reaction to the transformation of a family member into a vermin houseguest. The picture painted by Franz Kafka looks to somewhat mirror his own personal experiences. There are many similarities between Franz Kafka and Gregor Samsa, like the characters between both accounts. In addition, a personal and troublesome father-son relationship is evident in his novella. A personal evaluation of Franz Kafka can indicate a better sense of guilt felt by Gregor. Also, underlining changes experienced by the main characters seem to occur in the life of both Gregor and Franz. To begin with, family was the common denominator between the life of Franz Kafka and his character, Gregor Samsa. Gregor Samsa lived with his sister Greta, his mother Mrs. Samsa, and his father Mr. Samsa, and just like Gregor; Franz lived with his sister’s, mother, and father. The families in both Gregor and Franz life played an important role in the development of their character. Gregor is the only person finically taking care of this family. He is a very hard worker who never misses a day of work until today. When Gregor wakes up to find out we has been transformed into a gigantic insect, the only thing he could think of is how he could go to work to provide for his family. Like Gregor, Franz Kafka was expected to follow the footsteps of his demanding father. Franz Kafka’s father, Hermann Kafka, had preconceived notions of his son working in the same office job as himself. Franz did not believe the same, this lead to a rough relationship. Both of Franz parents spent much of their time working in their dry-goods store,...
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