Frans Ryckebosch a Global Managerr

Topics: Management, Learning, Culture Pages: 3 (702 words) Published: February 5, 2013
In the case, Mr. Ryckebosch is seen as a key member of the copier manufacturer. While growing up, he learned multiple languages and went to the best schools. He did his graduate degree in the United States as his dad (an executive manager in charge of international business) suggested so he could travel and acclimate to the American culture. As he got his MS, he got a job with Xerox, which wasn’t international at the time but was growing exponentially. Several companies also approached him; his education and European background were very attractive for other companies trying to expand internationally. He chose Xerox because he wanted to “get his hands dirty. Then, he got married and established in Rochester. He traveled and moved to several place in his life for the good of the company. He has now been 28 years and Xerox is still expanding and looking to relocate his International managers. In the case, they bring us to several locations and make us understand what this man is about. Here, we are interested at what made Mr. Ryckebosch such an important piece of the management at Xerox.

Answer to the case question: Discuss the skills of Mr. Frans Ryckebosch as a global manager.

There are a lot of skills that are required for a global manager. It is even more complicated to be successful internationally because there is so much to acclimate to. Mr. Frans does it perfectly because he possesses several mandatory skills. Let’s establish what skills make him a key member of the company.

First, his personality is really intense. He is always looking to expand his knowledge and work hard. He never settles for less and can make important decisions really quick. He has great communication skills, as he is interested in others, he listen really well. He is capable of analyzing skills of others efficiently and giving proper feedback. When he sees something wrong, he tries to find way to make it better. He is always ready for challenges, constantly developing...
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