Franklin Roosevelt: Policy of Isolationism

Topics: World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt, United States Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Throughout the years before World War II began there were three main factors involved in Americas response to what was going on in Japan and Germany. These three factors were, America's national security, the economy, and their democratic values. With these three factors Franklin Roosevelt created his policy of isolationism, which caused America to stay out of the war. During the 1930's totalitarian rulers ruled Japan and Germany. Americans didn't feel safe; they thought that they might be attacked next by the rulers. Thus in order to maintain calmness in America, Roosevelt, as stated in document B said that America needs a strong navy to protect themselves. He also passed many laws saying that America isn't going to enter the war. And this is why Roosevelt made his navy, in order to protect America from foreign countries if they attack them. In document D Wilkie says that in 1940 America had to rely on Britain, because their navy was controlling the Atlantic. So America was prone to help them out in the war, because if Britain was knocked out and someone else would control the Atlantic, then America's security would be in danger. In document H Charles Lindbergh, who's an isolationist says that America shouldn't enter the war, rather they should focus on building up a strong army and navy to protect themselves from the other countries and this way they would be scared of them and won't attack them and thus America will be safe. In document A Roosevelt says that if everyone wants peace then they have to stop these totalitarian rulers who are threatening their peace. He is saying that America should team up with the other democratic countries to stop these rulers from spreading their ways (totalitarianism). Document E depicts a picture that shows that America is spending a lot of money on weapons for other countries hoping that it would help recover America from the great depression. Democratic values were also a big issue throughout the years before...
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