Franklin and Emerson

Topics: The Great Gatsby, Ralph Waldo Emerson, F. Scott Fitzgerald Pages: 15 (5475 words) Published: June 11, 2012
1. Puritan views of New World in colonial America
2. Compare and contrast literature of Whitman and Dickenson in terms of God, man and nature 3. Man’s nature perceived by Hawthorne, Faulkner and Melville. 4. American dream and experience in 20th century American literature 5. Poe’s idea of rationalisation (symbolic poetry, short stories, invention of detective story, science fiction, tension on symbolism and psychological analysis) 6. Transcendentalizm

7. Establishment of the truly American tradition (Irving, Cooper , Poe) 8. Main issues in 20th century
9. Romantic fiction and dark vision of life Hawthorne & Melville 10. J. Edwards and B. Franklin comparison- predestination 11. Winthrop and Bradford characteristic features of their writings 12. Struggle over humane nature in Hamilton (Federalist) & Jefferson (republican) 13. Compare and contrast two novels of the South

14. The war in “the sun...” and “The red badge...” 15. Bradstreet and Taylor – poetry in colonial America
16. “Huck Finn” is it the greatest novel/ initiation into life 17. Freedom and duty in “Portrait..”
18. “Light in August”
19. Cooper and Hawthorne woman in their writings
20. Withman and Poe’s attitude towards poetry and poet
21. Materialism, the American dream, money in “Great Gatsby”

1)Compare and contrast the poetry of Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor
Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor are regarded as the best poets of colonial period. She was a happy wife in love with her husband and mother of eight children. ‘The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung Up In America’ published in London, is considered the first book of original poetry written in colonial America. Edward Taylor was a pastor. His wrote metaphysical poetry in which he praises God. Bradstreet is considered to be an early feminist. In ‘The Prologue’ she speaks with irony about role of women in society. They are underestimated and thought not to be as intelligent as men are. She presents male perception on women, that they are incomplete .She knows that her poetry may be regarded valuable. As a happy wife Bradstreet writes also love poems. In ‘To My Dear and Loving Husband’ we can see her strong affection. She is grateful for their love. In her poetry we can read about various range of topics. For example what she feels before the birth of one of her children. She does not speak about happiness but about death. Poem ‘In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet’ is a farewell with Elizabeth. She is called ‘dear babe’, ‘fair flower’ and human life is compared to the life of plants which in their best time have to end. Edward Taylor’s poetry is celebration of God. In ‘Prologue’ he speaks about God as the best creator and artist and seeks inspiration from God to praise His works: ‘Inspire this crumb of dust till it display/ Thy glory through’’. Taylor says that he is just a tool in God’s hands. In ‘Meditation Eight’ Taylor writes about Eucharist and his communion with God. He shows loving God who scarifies his Son. In ‘Meditation Thirty-Nine’ Taylor writes about another aspect of his religious experience: sin. He struggle with it but he can not cope with evil. However there is hope for him a sinner, it is God’s Son. He is ‘the sinner’s advocate’. For saving his soul he will celebrate God.

Although Anne Bradstreet and Edward Taylor wrote in the same period they poetry differs. Bradstreet poems concerns ordinary things, her home life, everyday experiences, love and fears. They are characterized by simplicity and directness while Taylor’s verses have sophisticated language. He plays with words and uses conceits. According to him the purposes of poetry is to praise God.

Depiction of evil in The Scarlet Letter
“The Scarlet Letter” is a very good book written by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Although all events take place in the Puritan Boston many years ago, some aspects may be referred to the...
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