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Veedit Patel
HUM 102
Professor Jelley
Frankenstein Outline

Frankenstein is, has been, and always will be, a classic tale of man’s creation gone wrong. Frankenstein, although having been reduced to a comedic monster story, is a very intricately written novel about the collision between intellect of man and the overpowering forces of nature. PARAGRAPHS 1-4

* A recurring and prominent theme in the novel is loneliness. 1. Mary Shelley’s own life was plagued by the same issue, stemming from her own “Frankenstein”: her marriage. 2. Also, Frankenstein is filled with themes and symbols whose intent is to open the eyes of society regarding their own tampering with nature in the attempt at happiness. 3. Mary Shelley’s time was an era of exploration of the unknown, also seen reflected in her novel. She explores the attempt of man to defeat loneliness by expanding his own boundaries of nature, and the possible outcomes of doing so. 4. Although written in the 1800’s, Frankenstein displays insights and ideas that resonate through time. Many societal issues that the novel touches upon are seen in our own society today. This instant classic and best-seller continues to live on due to the ever evident themes and situations. Shelley wrote Frankenstein, not only based on her own personal life, but on the lives of every living person. Many times we find ourselves creating our own Frankenstein’s to cope with our loneliness, but in doing so, a monster is born. BODY

1. Mary Shelley’s own life was plagued by the same issue, stemming from her own “Frankenstein”: her marriage. a. Mary’s marriage was her own Frankenstein, created through an affair. b. They run away together, creating something that wasn’t whole. c. They got married only after Percy’s current wife’s suicide. d. The relationship they built perfectly reflects Frankenstein i. Something intended to be beautiful becomes horrific (wife’s...
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