Franking Effing Stein

Topics: Friendship, North Pole, Love Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: November 21, 2011
Franken Effing Stein
Annotations by Myself

One of the central themes the book seems to gravitate towards is the important of FRIENDSHIP. The story starts off with one of the beginning protagonist Walton who seems to have the courage and excitement within his voyage, but no one to share with. Consider it Walton’s goal in the novel to attain the true meaning of friendship. When Walton stumbles upon (I love this word) Franken effing stein, he sees the potential in Franken effing stein when Walton realizes his shear intelligence, passion and sensitivity. Walton knew he could reside his fears and aspirations within Franken effing stein. But seeing how weak Franken effing stein is, Walton pussies out and leaves him alone. But upon Franken effing stein’s steady recovery, Walton excites at the possibility of Franken effing stein being that friend he so desires. But Franken effing stein alerts Walton, the dangers that associated with him and his past and his family.

Um. Flashback.

Elizabeth, adopted cousin of Frankenstein, were at first closest of friends and later set to marry (ahhhhh gross.) Henry, another supporting character, is Franken effing stein’s best friend in whom, he finds perfect balance in. Franken EinSTEIN (HEHEHEH no pun) is the science nerd, and Henry is the literary fag. After creating the 8 foot manifestation of complete ugliness, the amount of guilt and depression and agitation that Franken effing stein compounded within himself, could not be consoled even by Elizabeth, his incest love. However, the monster, no matter how ugly he was, wanted what mostly everyone took for granted, friends. After observing and taking notes on the DeLacey family, he steadily realized what it meant to have a place to belong, at the same time he began to sink deeper in depression (probably because he started to realize how ugly he was). The DeLacey family being the only chance of love for the 8 foot Ugly soon became the final straw in which the monster was...
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