Frankenstein: a Warning to Society Today

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Frankenstein: A Warning to Society Today
Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was written around two centuries ago. It tells the story of a man, Victor Frankenstein, who lives a happy young life. He has a wealthy family who cares for him, and he lives comfortably. When Frankenstein goes to seek higher education at a university, he puts his social life aside and focuses on the sciences and technology of creating new life. Frankenstein locks his mind into this everyday project, and avoids society. In the early 1800s, the thought of a mortal human being creating human life was frowned upon. Frankenstein’s goal was to explore the unknown mysteries of human life creation. Mary Shelly went beyond what people wanted to believe in the early nineteenth century. In her novel, she creates a mortal character who becomes a creator of life: a “god”. When Frankenstein finally brings life to his creation, something terrible happens. His creation, which has not learned morals or the ways of human life, escapes and causes harm throughout the countryside. Frankenstein realizes he has created a monster when his creation kills two of his beloved family members. The monster learns the way of human life and comes back to haunt Frankenstein. The creation is able to write to Frankenstein and requests another creation of its own appearance. Frankenstein fails to fulfill the monster’s request and pays for it.

Mary Shelly creates a strong message within the text of the novel Frankenstein. She says that technological advancement can be a bad thing. Her writing tells us that using technology to go beyond human abilities can have bad consequences. A similar issue is happening today as technology in the twenty-first century becomes more and more advanced. Today, humans are using technology in their everyday lives. As technology continues to thrive, humans depend on each other less. They find that technology can fulfill their everyday needs in an easier and quicker fashion. As time moves along into...
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