Frankenstein: A Dark, Romantic Tale of Victor Frankenstein and His Monster

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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Frankenstein analysis
"If I cannot inspire love then I will cause fear." The novel Frankenstein is a dark, romantic tale that contains many themes repeated throughout the book. In this analysis the characters victor Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster will be discussed in how they relate to the novel. Victor Frankenstein is the main character in this novel. He has the desire to create a new form of life and works on it for years neglecting friends and family, including his beloved Elizabeth, along the way. Victor is obsessed and never thinks of the consequences of creating a new life, if at all possible. The day his creation comes alive, victor realizes that he created a monster. He takes notes on his creature in his journal and writes about how hideous he is and how he wants nothing to do with it. He gets rid of the monster and continues to live his life as if nothing had happened. He can do this because his project was a secret that nobody knew about. Throughout the book, victor has many unpleasant visits with his creation and the monster makes his life miserable by killing everyone that victor loves and cherishes. When the monster kills Henry Clerval, Elizabeth, and his father, victor becomes full of rage and vows to find the monster so that he can kill it and keep it from causing any further harm to anyone. But victor is sick and getting older and weaker. It is physically impossible for him to keep up with the monster who can endure colder temperatures, go with less food, and move quicker that victor. Victor realizes that he will never be able to catch the monster and dies. Victors creation is known as the monster. Author Mary Shelly Never names him. At first the monster doesn't know that he is created. He spends most of his life hiding because the towns people treated him horribly whenever he brought himself among them. He teaches himself to read, speak, and write by watching a family in a cottage which is when he realizes that he is different and...
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