Frankenstein "Who Is the Real Monster" Essay

Topics: Frankenstein, Horror fiction, Gothic fiction Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: November 28, 2012
What is a monster? What is the definition term for the word “monster?” A monster is “any fictional creature, usually found in legends or horror fiction that is often hideous and may produce fear or physical harm by either its appearance or its actions.” By this definition found on the internet and also the knowledge you know from one of the best gothic horror stories by Mary Shelley, do you think Victor Frankenstein’s creation is the ‘monster’ of the story? Or even Mr. Frankenstein himself is the monster? Which character from this story plays the role as this told monster now? From my opinion and choice, I believe that society is the monster.

Society’s first trait of this story brings out that it is unloving. Being abandoned and left alone by his creator because of his looks brings out that society judges too fast and doesn’t give a chance to anything. Not only does society judge based off looks but also in the time period that any creation is made by the Will of God himself and only he is the one that creates, so what Mr. Frankenstein does is something that society rejects. The creature starts live with all the good traits you would think it’ll have: gentleness, kindness, and also compassion. But what causes the creature to become the way he is? The experience he has with everything, people showing him no love back when that’s all he wants, his reading of the three books talk about evil and wrong doings and like I said before being treated horribly everywhere because he’s big and ugly. He had no fault at this, Mr. Frankenstein did not create a monster, but society has created the “monster.” Society shows favoritism towards choosing between two or more things in life. Mr. Frankenstein himself is affect by this as he prefers Waldman to Krempe just because Waldman is better looking than Krempe. This shows something that we call shallow’s viewpoint. How does Mr. Frankenstein get something like this? From the world that surrounds him, the strong desire to do or...
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