Frankenstein: Supernatural and Romanticism's Popularity in the 1800s

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Frankenstein was created in the nineteenth century. This time period has very distinct characteristics in writing and they can be spotted throughout the novel. The supernatural was very popular in the 1800's. This came with romanticism, which was very popular then. The nineteenth century had many different fads. Romanticism was very popular and had a lot to do with scary, dark and as was said before, supernatural things. Some other influences in the 1800s were Darwin's and his religious views, the industrial revolution, and the British Empire's expanding wealth and influence. These influences are very noticeable in Frankenstein. You can definitely tell that Frankenstein was written in this time period. A main point that shows that this book was written in the nineteenth century is the idea that God did not create life. This shows in Frankenstein because Victor creates a living being with his own hands. This represents Darwin's theory of evolution, which was popular during this time. Mary Shelley was also very aware of the political issues of her time. She was very educated and surrounded herself with many intellectual people growing up. The romantics believed that nature was very special and that harming it was wrong. This ideal can be seen throughout the story, as nature serves as a sort of haven for certain characters. Shelley’s love life also played a major role in her work. The story was also written during a time where science was at a peak and was believed to be the key to many of life’s wonders, including life. Mary Shelley essentially warns of the dangers of thirsting/questing for knowledge, and reflects the fear of the scientific revolution.
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