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by Mary Shelley


To the Teachern
The Glencoe Literature Library presents full-length novels and plays bound together with shorter selections of various genres that relate by theme or topic to the main reading. Each work in the Library has a two-part Study Guide that contains a variety of resources for both you and your students. Use the Guide to plan your instruction of the work and enrich your classroom presentations. In For the Teacher you will find these time-saving instructor aids: • About the Work: pertinent background information on the work and a detailed synopsis of its plot. • Media Links: annotated listings of audio, visual, electronic, and print resources related to the work. • Teaching Options: high-interest activities for introducing the work and individualizing instruction. • Options for Using Related Readings: suggested approaches to the Related Readings included with the work. • Answer Key: detailed answers to all questions and reading activities. For the Student consists of these reproducible blackline masters: • Meet the Author: a lively overview of the author’s life. • Introducing the Work: background information that provides a meaningful context in which to read the work. • Before You Read and Responding pages: pre- and post-reading questions and activities. • Active Reading: graphic organizers for students to complete as they read. • Test: a comprehensive two-part test of the work.

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For the Teacher
About the Work Synopsis Media Links Teaching Options Options for Motivating Students Meeting Individual Needs Options for Using Related Readings Answer Key 2 2 3 4 4 5 6 7

For the Student
Meet Mary Shelley Introducing the Novel Letters 1–4 Before You Read Active Reading Responding Before You Read Active Reading Responding 9 10 12 13 14 16 17 18 20 21 22 24 25 26 28 29 30 32 33 33 34 35 36 37 38

Chapters 1–10

Chapters 11–16 Before You Read Active Reading Responding Chapters 17–21 Before You Read Active Reading Responding Chapters 22–24 Before You Read Active Reading Responding Responding to Frankenstein Related Reading Blackline Masters Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein by Roger Ebert A Frankenstein Monster Ended Up Being a Lamb by Ed Regis A New Life by Ramsey Campbell The Golem by Isaac Bashevis Singer . . . That Thou Art Mindful of Him by Isaac Asimov Test

About the Work
Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
In Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel Frankenstein, a young scientist brings on his own destruction by constructing an artificial man and bringing it to life. Through the characters of Dr. Frankenstein and his creature, this powerful novel explores the themes of ambition, science, moral responsibility, social isolation, and psychological balance. With its wild and desolate settings and its supernatural being, Frankenstein is an example of the gothic novel. With a scientific fantasy at the center of its plot, the novel is also regarded as a forerunner of science fiction. Parts of this novel refer to people of various racial and religious groups in ways that students may find to be offensive. You may wish to point out that at the time when Shelley was writing, people typically had little access to information about other cultures, and it...
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