"Frankenstein" Society Make People Evil

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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Victor Frankenstein’s great creation, the monster, is inherently good, but the corruption of the society turns him evil. The monster acts just like a newborn baby, but the “mother”, Victor, abandons him because of his horrific appearance. Being alienated form the rest of the world, the monster hides in a cottage and knows nothing about the world. Not only his creator refuses to accept him, but also the society repulses him. When he sees De Lacey family, his “trait of kindness moves him sensibly”(74) and collects wood for the De Lacey family, however, the family excludes him from them. His kindhearted action receives nothing but hatred. His ignorance and deformed appearance make him a monster who differs from other people. The monster decides to take revenge because of the unequal treatment from the society. The author, Mary Shelley, indicates the idea of the society makes Victor’s creature evil also by pointing out the book that the monster read before - Paradise Lost. The emotional creature suffers despair and loneliness and at last acts of cruelty and murder. His loneliness and the reality of not being accepted by the society led to his horrible behaviors. The monster always being kindhearted and looking for a happy life through his life time although later he turns evil. After being abandoned from his creator, he comes outside the mountain and hides inside the tiny cottage. The De Lacey family provides him the view of how happy life can be with people who loves you. “Was man, indeed, at once so powerful, so virtuous, and magnificent, yet so vicious and base?”(80) He admires human life and wants to get to know other people and join their lives. Just like a newborn baby, he finds everything wonderful, thinks humans are kind and grateful, and urgently wants to be a part of the society. However, the De Lacey family does not accept him. Instead, being scared by the monster’s appearance, the family excludes the monster. His feeling of loss does...
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