Frankenstein Interpretation Essay

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  • Published : December 16, 2007
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Frakenstein Interpretation Essay


Frankenstein is the frightening, imaginative, and classic mixture of the Romantic and Gothic era of writing. It's author, Mary Shelly, successfully mixes these (on face value) opposing themes. One of the most prominent motifs in the Gothic "half" of this book is the eerie psychic connection between the Monster and Victor Frankenstein, or as a wise English teacher put in one sheet, the parent-child connection. My brief essay will explore the two major connections the Monster and Victor share; Victors motherhood, and they're search for love.

Women, Victor and the Monster

There is also the matter of the Monsters lust for a female companion. Why does the monster crave a female companion? Surely, their kind could not "reproduce"- They were made in laboratory, with parts from the deceased and rotten. It is my opinion that the monster, with his great brainpower, could have fashioned himself a companion, stealing Victors notes and equipment and notes. This also may have been simpler and less stressing to the monster. So it leads me to ask, why did the Monster depend upon Victor for his new companion? Was it so the Monster could be sure of an equal, that he would not alter his creation? Would it be to avoid the implication that his companion would be his daughter?

Surely, that could not be it. Victor never considered the Monster a son; why would the Monster, in all the drastic similarities to Victor, differ from him so greatly on that? It could be, perhaps, the monsters understanding of the natural pairing between man and woman. For the Monsters species to complete, he realizes the need for a second sex. But since the species could not be able to reproduce, why would Victor worry so? The excuse of Also, the monster is looked upon with only hate, disgust, and horror. Women have never bestowed these upon Victor (to the reader's knowledge), and the psychic connection between the Monster and Victor (a Gothic theme)...
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