Frankenstein First Rough Draft

Topics: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Gothic fiction, Novella Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Explore the idea of the double in Frankenstein with reference to the partner text. I will be discussing the comparisons between Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde during this essay. The story of Frankenstein has many different aspects to it but the one in which I choose to examine was the idea of the double which is clearly shown in the story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. In 1816 Mary Shelley travelled to Switzerland this trip inspired Mary Shelley to write the story of Frankenstein she used a lot of her experiences to affect the story one example of this is the influence that poetry and nature has on a lot of the characters in the novel was highly influenced by the fact that her husband was a poet. The book was first published in 1818; Mary Shelley created horror for people who read the book at this time in history as it was wrote as a non-fiction book. There are a lot of cultural differences from when the book was wrote to now, the book was first publish anonymously because at this time it was unusual for a woman to write a book, women were look upon as mothers and home makers this was a completely acceptable to think bad then but now it has become strange to think this way. Mary’s parents where radical political thinkers and so allowed Mary to grow up in an intellectually stimulating environment, this was not considered a traditional family at the time. The structure of the novel is a series of letter s telling Frankenstein’s and the monsters story through Walton being written to his sister. This structure questions the liability of Walton and Frankenstein as it is biased and from Frankenstein’s view and Walton’s just retelling it. The idea of the doppelganger first began in 1796 in a German novel by jean Paul. The book features an introduction to the practice and theory underlying the use of the Doppelganger The idea of the good verses the evil is very clear during this novel at the beginning we believe the monster is evil but as the novel...
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