Frankenstein Film Adaptation Comparison

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Frankenstein Film Adaptation Comparison
Kenneth Branagh’s 1994 film adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein greatly differed from the original novel written in 1818. Not only were certain elements altered however in addition, the personalities of several major characters, and how the audience portrays them was quite different. For example, the main distinction within the novel and the film are the role of women. In the novel, Elizabeth is treated as a trophy; her opinions are not important to Victor. In the novel, Victor treats women passively and feels superiority to them; he cannot take advice from them. Women play a more relaxed role in the novel. They do not make any decisions, and allow me to take advantage of them. This is seen primarily when Victor decides the fate of Elizabeth when they are young and that how one day they will be wed. However in the novel, Elizabeth is a young determined and driven woman. She does not allow Victor to take advantage of her, nor does she let Victor make her decisions. For example, Elizabeth walks out on Victor before the wedding. She does this out of anger and frustration due to not understanding the current situation; the creatures ultimatum. This demonstrates the audience that Elizabeth is not afraid of taking initiative and standing up for what she believes to be right.

Next, the character of Victor Frankenstein has greatly differed from the novel to the film. For example, in the novel, Victor is conveyed as a monster whose decisions cause the death of many, including his loved ones. However, the film does not portray his demonic character traits, but those of a kind noble gentleman. For example in the novel, when Justine is being trialed, Victor does not care to help her. He would rather protect his image, than save the life of a young innocent girl. In addition he believes her death to be collateral damage and unimportant to him....
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