Frankenstein Essay

Topics: Frankenstein, Evolution, Mary Shelley Pages: 4 (1343 words) Published: March 11, 2011
The most arguable of all the human feelings is said to be that of love. Many renowned authors and play writers (Shakespeare being one of them) have based their stories on the theme of love. Some authors have portrayed love as the most empyreal feelings of all while in contrast few authors have shown love as the reason of destruction. Mary Shelley renowned for her novel Frankenstein has also used the theme of love as the basis of her novel. She conveyed the universal truth “Failure to obtain love can lead to destruction” through the medium of her book. Living in the era of Industrialization and incidents from her personal life influenced her to write the novel. Frankenstein is a story of a monster, his creator and how the dynamics of their relationship change as the story progresses.

Mary Shelley lived during the era of romanticism and industrialization. Art and science gained progress and the base of modernization was laid. During that time one of the famous novels of all times Frankenstein was penned by Mary Shelley. This desire led Victor to creating life just like the desire of change led people to the age of industrialism. (mega essays) The above quotation mentioned above explains that the changing world had a strong impact on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Science was taking over taking over religion, myths and beliefs. The people in the era were starting to believe scientific theories and technological proofs over religious myths and stories as they had no proof to support them. It seemed that people had lost their love for religion and hence it slowly lead to its decay. Nevertheless, the destruction was not very severe to completely destroy everything related to religion but even today people tend to believe scientific facts over religious beliefs. Similarly, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein also conveyed a similar theme through the characters of Victor Frankenstein and the monster (as referred in the novel). Firstly, Victor was extremely grief stricken when...
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