Frankenstein Commentary

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a complex literary piece that through diction, symbolism, and imagery explores the typical human inclination to push boundaries and the corollary that comes with these actions. The use of diction in the excerpt builds intricate characters that question and challenge the reader’s ideas. As a main component of the story’s theme in an overall sense, as well as in the passage, the allegory and representation of the characters form a new interpretation of the piece. Shelley’s well-thought out presentation of the passage allows for visual imagery to become an element of the excerpt’s purpose and effect. Frankenstein is a thought-provoking, elaborately themed story that can be construed in many ways based on the interpreter. The diction of the piece has a strong impact on its effectiveness and on the validity of its characters. Throughout the piece, Shelley uses particularly dense diction which accounts for much of the meaning. The vocabulary chosen by the author presents a new image for the creature, one of intelligence and even at times humanity which provokes the reader to no longer view the creature as such, but instead as a man himself, as they [the reader] begin to develop respect for him.

“How can I move thee? Will no entreaties cause thee to turn a favorable eye upon thy creature, who implores thy goodness and compassion? Believe me, Frankenstein, I was once benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity; but am I not alone, miserably alone?” The extended vocabulary and thoughtful ideas evident in the quote prove that the creature is not only literate but also clever. The creature also explains his own behavior declaring that he does have feelings, and what he describes as “a soul”, and that the evil deeds that he has committed are repercussions of the dejected way he feels. By asking questions and using his own personal experiences to describe himself to Frankenstein, he shows that he is capable of human...
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