Frankenstein and Society

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  • Published : October 18, 2005
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Mary Shelly critiques the prejudice of her contemporary society. Victor, the mad scientist in her novel, is treated with respect and dignity, while his creation is mistreated as a social outcast. The cause of prejudice, of course, is an instinctive impulse engraved into our minds by society. It is not controlled by our rationality, but a psychological mystery. In a way, therefore, Mary Shelly is critiquing human being's irrational side. At the same time, however, Shelly critiques the contemporary era of Enlightenment and suggests that man should turn to something less rational- our intuition. It is not by chance that Victor tampers with the dangers of science, which ends up with deadly consequences. The double message and confusion are shared with the movie, Solaris. In both masterpieces, it is unclear whether the main characters are rational or emotional; just as in real life, both aspects guide their decisions. In Frankenstein, social prejudice is evident in the manner that Victor and his creation are portrayed. As an overdramatic scientist, Victor is egocentric and selfish. Looking into his soul, one will see a hideous creature masked by the skin of his face. He is the ultimate prejudging character in the novel. In the beginning, after the discovery of William's death, Victor automatically believes that it was the monster who had done it. During Justine's trial, Victor was not thinking about the possible execution of Justine, but rather the effect of her death on him. Furthermore, when the creature swears revenge on Victor's wedding night, he did not think about the safety of his wife, but his own. However, society treated Victor with great respect; after his death, his companion Walton had claimed Victor as a heroic scientist. On the contrary, Victor's creature is rejected by society. Firstly, his master immediately runs away from him due to his appearance. And as the creature learns from people, he encounters a blind man who tolerates the creature as a...
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