Frankenstein and Edward Scissorhands

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  • Published : March 26, 2008
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How does the appropriation of your key text sustain interest in the values represented in your key text?

Postmodern American film Edward Scissor-hands directed by Tom Burton is a variation of Mary Shelley’s classic horror novel of Frankenstein written in the Romantic Era of the nineteenth century. A man-made monster enters and apparently peaceful community and disrupts their serenity. Frankenstein written in 1818 during Britain’s industrial revolution portrays the result of the incredible advances in science and technology and potentially the negative consequences of Victor Frankenstein’s creation. Tim Burton manipulates the 1818 horror story using his protagonist Edward Scissor-hands on many occasions to fulfill the 1990’s audience expectations by maintaining the same values of responsibility and consequences of the uses of technology, prejudice and discrimination and uses cinematic techniques to reflect the gothic nature presenting a mixed genre of horror, comedy, romance and fantasy.

Mary Shelley uses a narrative technique to show the protagonist Victor Frankenstein recounting his story of creating a misfit to society. Likewise in Edward Scissor-hands, the film begins in a romantic way with an elderly Kim who Edward loved, telling her grand-daughter the story of her relationship with Edward Scissor-hands. The opening scene of Edward Scissor-hands reveals many of the elements associated with the horror genre which are offset by elements of romance and fantasy. Ass the beginning credits toll in and eerie music is played, the graphics of the cast are coloured white on a black background in a font resembling jagged scissor shapes. The motifs of the colours help establish the movie to be of a horror genre. The gothic nature being evidently exemplified with a haunted castle isolated on a hill seen with huge doors, large spiral stairway, cobwebs and disused machines. However the intensity of music decrease creating a more playful and pleasant...
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