Frankenstein and Bladerunner Analysis

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  • Published : July 20, 2011
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The values and perspectives on what it is to be human are the importance of man’s relationship with the natural world, the significance of maintaining humility in pursuit of success and the importance of human connection. These values and perspectives are fundamental notions of what it is to be human however the portrayals of these ideas are shifted over time due to a shift in context. Frankenstein was composed during the romantic era in the 19th century when the western world was experiencing its first Industrial Revolution. The advent of science as a force in society resulted in individuals retreating to the natural world to seek solace. This notion is represented in Shelley’s novel in epistolary form which reveals how Walton, Frankenstein and the monster retreat to the natural world at some point in the text. Shelley’s value of the importance of the relationship between man and the natural world is represented in the text when Frankenstein describes the “magnificence of the Valley of Chamounix”. The “eternity of such scenes”, the “savage and enduring scenes” and the “wonderful and sublime” feeling of the natural world enables Frankenstein “to forget”. The use of bucolic imagery and sublime imagery in this passage shows the value that Shelley places in the beauty of the natural world. The very fact that nature enables Frankenstein “to forget” his guilt following William’s murder suggests the importance of the symbiotic relationship between man and the natural world. Therefore Shelley portrays that a central factor of what it means to be human is the close relationship that humanity shares with the natural world and the high value that man must place on the beauty of nature. Similarly, in Bladerunner, Scott emphasises the importance of the relationship between man and nature, however the portrayal of the value reveals that there are fundamental shifts in the meaning and concern behind the text. The tone in the opening scene is established through the long shot...
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