Frankenstein and Blade Runner: Impact of Progress on Humanity

Topics: Blade Runner, Tyrell Corporation, Replicant Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: July 28, 2012
‘The texts are overwhelmingly negative in their portrayal of progress and humanity’

The film ‘Blade Runner’ and the novel Frankenstein are overwhelmingly negative in their portrayal of progress and humanity, through values, ideas and language forms. The contrast between the creator and the creature in both texts specify a warning from each composer about the excesses of scientific exploration, which may have a negative impact on human society. In addition, Frankenstein explores the theme of monstrosity in relation to what it means to be human; while ‘Blade Runner’ explores this idea of the nature of humanity through the creation of the replicants. Interestingly, these texts explore the impact of progress on humanity despite their different contexts, (19th century, romanticism, the Enlightenment and globalization, environmental degradation etc and refer to the composers) respectively.

The portrayal of negative progress and humanity is illustrated through the characterization in the novel Frankenstein. Victor is a complex, ambivalent and deeply flawed character, as described by Walton as a man on the “brink of destruction”, his eyes full of, “an expression of wildness, and even madness.” The interaction with Frankenstein throughout the novel gives the audience a dissenting sense of humanity as we learn about his early life, leading to the horrors that followed his obsessive, “Thirst for knowledge” and his unmitigated desire “to penetrate the secrets of nature” Shelly’s creation of the creature was an outcome of societal rejection, which was shown to be lonely and isolated. The creature’s rejection by society, “They spurn and hate me”, his agony aroused the audiences sympathy. The creature is continuously questioning about fundamental issues of life, identity and humanity itself, creating a negative view on humanity. The creature illustrates the companionship and protection he wanted or even felt by...
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