Frankenstein and Blade Runner

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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“Although composed in different times and contexts, Frankenstein and Blade Runner are strikingly similar in content and values”

Juxtaposition between the creation and their environment
1. The Tyrell Corporation, business place of Eldon Tyrell, the divine scientific “genius” behind the creation of the replicants, occupies a space central to Blade Runner’s narrative. From the inception of the film, we see an extreme long shot overlooking the futuristic cityscape of Los Angeles which is defined by massive techno towers and near eternal twilight, interrupted only by constant violent lightning strikes and fiery explosions resulting in stunning plumes of flame. Within this picturesque scenery, the camera visually guides us towards the grandiose Mayan style pyramid structures that are the headquarters of the Tyrell Corporation. 2. Through this, Scoot displays that humanity is intrinsically linked to nature. He cleverly uses the lack of youth, plants, new life and seasons to symbolise the isolation from nature. The isolation from nature is emphasised through the images on constant rain, no sunlight and minimal vegetation. Scott’s subtle; yet, reoccurring images remind the us of the consequences of neglecting nature and its effect on humanity. Like Shelley, Scott also highlights the scientific progress that has all but destroyed the natural and human environment. 3. Noticeable differences, in relation to the natural surroundings and worldspace, can be seen between the two mountains, Mont Blanc and the Tyrell Corporation – the places where both creatures, the monster and Roy confront their creator. In Frankenstein, Victor reaches the village of Chamonix and later wonders the valley bellow Mont Blanc, stating that the “sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation that I was capable of receiving”. He further elaborates by saying “…the unstained snowy mountain-top, the glittering pinnacle…the eagle soaring amidst the clouds –...
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