Frankenstein and Blade Runner

Topics: Life, Artificial life, Technology Pages: 4 (1514 words) Published: July 27, 2012
Even since the beginning of time man has pushed the limits of knowledge, and with every new discovery there are pros and cons, we have all heard the saying curiosity killed the cat and ignorance is bliss. Despite the great gulfs of time in-between the writing of both texts, they both portray the same themes central to the story as the context of both texts was of a time of great social and technological change.

An idea that is present in Scott’s Blade Runner and Shelley’s Frankenstein is they believe that in the future God and society’s ethos may be one day be replaced by science and technological advances, through the characters Victor and Tyrell. Genesis 1:27 states that “God created humankind in his image.” A God is the creator of life and much like a father figure, God is meant to guide his creation through life. However, in victor’s case, he disregards his creation and any responsibility for it, rejecting the newborn, forcing the creature out into the world to fend for itself. Victor is represented as a man desperately searching for the elixir of life and the key to immortality. However, his obsession with immortality leads him to resume the role of the modern day God. Victor violates ethical principles of playing God. Repulsed at the very sight of the creature and immediately regrets his work, “but now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.” Even though Victor created the creature himself, he was so blinded by his obsession that he could not see the monstrosity right before him until it was too late and the lifeless stitching of corpses had become with life. Further in the story the creature confronts Victor and questions his authority to give life, “who are you to sport thus with life?” This rhetorical question in the story shows how the creature, which should be at a stage of immaturity, has already surpassed his creator and is now acting rationally and responsibly, a characteristic...
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