Frankenstein Analysis Prompts

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Frankenstein Analysis Prompts


While you are reading Frankenstein outside of class answer the following questions in complete paragraphs based on the following parameters: -Type your responses in MLA format, double-spaced, Times New Roman. -Questions marked with an * may require additional research/outside reading. -Address details, facts, quotations, etc. from the novel as support for or against your argument.

1. *Compare the novel to a Greek tragedy, especially as it develops the themes of ambition, overreaching, hubris ("overweening pride"). Which characters display these "epic" flaws? 2. In classical and neoclassical doctrine, the "greatest of all contests" was the struggle of reason to control passion. In the nineteenth century, passion began to rise in esteem against reason. Feelings were more important. Yet the contest seems to continue. What elements of that struggle do you find in the novel? The characters of Victor and the monster are especially relevant to look at. 3. *Is Frankenstein a Gothic novel? Why or why not? What elements of the Gothic does it contain? Metonymy of gloom? Tyrannical male? Others? 4. Does the geographical movement of the novel have metaphorically thematic or symbolic application? What is the meaning of ice, winter, wind, Northern locations, darkness, etc.? 5. Discuss the elaborate framing device provided by the letters at the beginning and the end of the novel. What purposes does this strategy serve? Why is this wrap-around frame more effective or useful than the usual introduction-only frame? 6. "Mary Shelley in Frankenstein clearly comes down on the side of nurture in the Nature-versus-Nurture controversy." Attack or defend. 7. "Victor Frankenstein and the monster share the same personality. Like father, like son." Attack or defend. 8. *How is Victor Frankenstein like Faust?

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