Frankenstein Analysis

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Frankenstein: The Meaning behind the Words
Upon receiving all the books that we had to read during this course, Frankenstein was the one that I was looking most forward to reading. Most horror fiction novels have the same story line with no actual meaning behind the writing, but as I opened this novel and continued to read, I really became interested in the deeper meaning of Frankenstein and I just had to continue reading to find out more. Unlike most horror fiction novels, Frankenstein in my opinion has the ability to keep its readers interested instead of boring them. Mary Shelley used her writing ability to tell a great story that involved the relationship between man and mans creation. A major observation that I made while reading Frankenstein was of all the several themes made throughout the whole entire book. Some themes where obvious, others you really had to think about it. All though many people may think Shelley’s Frankenstein is just another normal horror fiction novel, I believe this novel provides several themes throughout the entire story line because it shows the themes of human injustice towards outsiders, ignorance is bliss, and society’s sexist viewpoints.

The main theme that I noticed while reading Frankenstein, was the idea of human injustice towards outsides. All throughout the novel, the monster has to face man’s cruelty to those who are different. Frankenstein’s monster is indeed an outcast and he doesn’t belong in human society. The monster’s alienation from society, his struggle for revenge, and his unfulfilled desire for a companion, are all shared by his creator. I noticed while reading the novel how quickly Victor became similar his creation. Both Victor and his creation live in isolation from society, they both hate their miserable lives, and both Victor and his creation are suffering. Shelly did a very good job showing the relationship with man and his relationship with outsiders, and how cruel society can be when it comes to...
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