Frankenstein: All You Need to Know

Topics: God, Mother, Family Pages: 5 (964 words) Published: November 15, 2011
Prometheus- had to give qualities to animals
-had none left when it came to humans-Prometheus loved humans so he stole fire from the gods -Fire (spark)- spark of creativity/civilization
Jupiter was mad, and he tortured Prometheus- by making birds come and eat at his liver and he would heal and he would start again Romantics see him as the divine rebel
- steals back from gods-over reaches
-steals from gods

Paradise-Lost-God,(victor)(The monster can manipulate him) Adam,([victor] his amazing eden like childhood)([monster]created by victor) Satan, ([victor] goes beyond what he should )([Monster]fiend, demon who tries to destroy) -the creature gets to see the face of his god , and he gets to say what he wants Seen as a gothic novel, has hero and heroine, the interest lies in the bad guy-ex phantom of the opera, hunchback of Notre dam -good and evil characters have conflict

-more realistic because no one is completely good or bad
Victor is somewhat good- he creates for his mother-he is good and gets out of hand- he wants to be a father to his creature NarratorWalton-letters-he writes letters to his sister- he wants to be famous [he is ambitious, crave recognition, obsessed, lonely, relations with their fathers-Walton’s father forbade him from becoming a sailor-when his father dies he goes and buys a boat, belief in the marvellous, self-educated, social class, unwilling to trust people close to him ]

Creature (heart of the story) [he tells his story to victor so victor can understand-he is like god- he also wants a female companion]
Victor wants Walton to understand the prisuit of knowledge, to chase the monster, finish his job He can talk to victor, but not to the commander
(pg 29) Walton is very romantic, he is an unreliable narrator (pg 28) Shows his ambition, he is showing that he would sacrifice the life of another Margret
-Must be a good relationship between them
-Younger than Walton
-He says she will enjoy this letter
-(pg 15) shows she is worried about him, at the end of the letter he says she should not worry about him -(pg 213) shows the two opposing sides that Walton has with his sister Personal AmbitionDomesticity

(pg 56) brings gains but harm out ways goodLife is better in domesticity (pg 36)
Who has a happy family life?/and/or\Childhood

-no because his father was a pressure
-has no mother
- rejected by sister
-father causes downfall

Caroline Beaufort
-Beaufort could have gotten help but had false pride and treated her unfairly -dead mother
-father causes downfall

-mother died of child birth
-Italian father too poor to help them
-father causes downfall-Italian politics get the money taken away-will

-Doesn’t have mother
-poor relations with father
-has no father
-mother abuses her

-Father won’t let him study
Victor wants domesticity but there is no example of a good domesticity (pg 43) mothers death reaction= life goes on
It shows how there is a childhood he wants and a childhood he actually has Victor is seen as god,
Creature-hideous, monster
(pg 57) did he want a beautiful monster-creature
Qualities he possess when he makes the creature- labour being described? Or embodiment of desires of victor -sub conscience desire

Failure of domesticity comes from the people who fail their duties Elizabeth’s letter to Victor why it is so confusing? Pg 63) -talk of Justine
-talk of William
-she hints at marriage
- he doesn’t pick up this hint
Pg (69)-(70) delaying his travel
(71)-letter about William
-Victor is careless what he says is not what he does

Death of William
-Monster kills William to get revenge on victor
-To make him feel isolated
-Child(innocence)- the innocence of the world/natue has been moved -Everyone takes responsiblitiy for it
-Victor, he created the creature- he had the dream of his mother --Elizabeth, the crime...
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