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  • Published : November 1, 2010
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Frankenstein is one of the most famous novels of the century and has had many movies created based on this classic tale, yet each version, the book, as well as the three movies, have a lot of differences which make each one very unique. These similarities and differences are not only seen in the characters of Victor Frankenstein and the creation, but also throughout the storyline. So many people today get the impression that Frankenstein is all about a mad man who creates a monster who then goes on a rampage and kills innocent people, but there is so much more to this story that people seem to miss. They miss that it is also a story of equality, trust, facing your fears, and love vs. hate. I had a chance to view all of these movies, along with reading this moving book, and am now going to present the similarities, differences, and morals that stood out to me in all of these.

The character of Victor Frankenstein has outstanding differences in each of these versions. However first I will start by saying that one very big similarity in all of these that stood out to me is that in every version Victor had a determination and faith in his work beyond what is seen in many characters in any novel or movie that I have viewed. The differences that I noticed is that in the book Frankenstein Victor is seen more as very quiet and concentrated more on his work than anything else in his life. I noticed that in all three movies Victor has his mind on Elizabeth a lot of the time and plans for their marriage. I noticed that in the 1931 version Victor is presented more as a mad man who cares only about himself and in the 1994 version he is shown as more angry at himself rather than a mad man. In the 2003 edition of Frankenstein Victor seems more out there, kind of wild like, and is shown to be looked up to a lot more by the towns people. Those were the differences that stood out to me most in all three of these versions.

I experienced throughout all of these movies...
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