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  • Topic: Frankenstein, North Pole, University of Ingolstadt
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  • Published : October 14, 2008
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Robert Walton the explorer and captain of a ship that is head to the North Pole In a sequence of letters, communicate with his sister Margaret Saville back in England about the progress of his treacherous mission that he is taken. Robert tells his sister about the desire in him to discover something so great. Also how he felt as if he was isolated from the other shipmate who makes him feel lonely because he has no one to confident in also no one to share his ambitious with. The mission of Robert Walton was interrupted by a huge sheet of ice that wouldn’t allow the ship to pass. Trap Walton and his man spotted a sledge that was lead by a huge creature. Ironically the next morning the men spot another sledge that was drawn by all dead dogs but one. Also on that sledge they see a stranger who is starving and weaken by the cold weather. Walton invites this total stranger to board the ship with him and his men. Regardless of his condition the stranger refuse to board the ship until the captain tells him that he is heading north. Throughout the next couple of days the shipmate spent their time nursing the stranger. Eager for this stranger to talk the shipmate had question about this stranger like who is he where his from and how did he end up on that huge sheet of ice. Walton sees that this man is still fragile so he prevents his men from troubling this man with a load of questions. As time went on Walton establish a friendship with stranger and the stranger being to tell Walton about his life. The stranger that Walton and his men had found was Victor Frankenstein who would narrate the following letters that was sent to Walton sister. Victor begin to tell Walton about his childhood in Geneva with his adopted sister Elizabeth Lavenza and friend Henry Clerval, Also how his mother had die of an illness right before he went off to school , He went on to say how he attend the university of ingolstadt to study natural philosophy and chemistry. Where he then isolated...
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