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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley Is the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley relevant to the 21st century? Summary Important underlying messages. We shouldn't play god or judge things by there apperance. A story about an inventor named Victor Frankenstein and his creation. Frankenstein abondones his creation. The monster goes in search of love and frienship. He finds that life doesn't always offer these to everone. The story follows his search for friendship and both Frankensteins and his creations downfalls. Frankenstein spent years creating something he thought was better than human. Once completed his creation appears to be a monster Has the novel remained a classic piece of literature? The novel includes symbolic themes throughout the book that represent humans and their interactions. The pursuit of knowledge and the dangers of determination and consequences. The novel is widely read and popular but has the novel remained a classic piece of literature? Morality - should say something of value, drawing attention to human problems. - moral is that Victor Frankenstein committed an act of hubris. - ‘playing god’ and doing to so he created something that was thought impossible. - abandoned his creation without offering guidance and nurturing. - moral is, we are responsible for our children - our job to raise and care for them until they are ready to live independently. - Victor walked away, which was injustice to his creature and also the world. - main moral issues, which are relevant to everyone’s lives. - moral values in Frankenstein teach and explain that there are boundaries not to cross in science and that we are responsible for our children. Universality & Timelessness - Hold meaning in the present world and for the future. - Determination and consequences are a huge theme in Frankenstein. - Frankenstein’s determination stopped him from thinking about the consequences of his actions. - Determination today comes not only for knowledge but power and money, even...
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