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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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After reading the novel “Frankenstein” by Marry Shelly, I am compelled to write a critique criticizing her work. Laced with betrayal and death, Frankenstein is the story of a scientist and the damaging of an innocent creature by distressing social circumstances. Frankenstein and the creature started on a different path but ended up in identical situations. The irony of Mary Shelley's novel is that the Frankenstein creation craved acceptance but appeared a monster, while Victor was cruel and thoughtless but looked human.  The analysis I’m reviewing is provided on a site published by the University of Maryland Romantic Circles. Romantic Circles is a refereed scholarly Website devoted to the study of Romantic-period literature and culture. The author is anonymous. The author of this critique wants to bring out that the writer is writing a story that is lacking respect to God. If not for the moral of the story that the writer had in mind this novel would not be appropriate as statedby the author, "We hope, however, the writer had the moral in view which we are desirous of drawing from it, that the presumptive works of man must be frightful, vile, and horrible; ending only in discomfort and misery to himself." (Anonymous, 1818)

I agree with this thesis. Victor Frankenstein committed an act of hubris. He created life. That is the job of God, not man. When he did create life, he walked away from it without contributing nurturing and guidance. That is morally incorrect as well. We are accountable for our children. It is our job to raise them and care for them until such time as they are ready to live independently. Victor simply walked away from his Creature - which was not only an injustice to the Creature, but an injustice to the world - especially his own family on whom the Creature sought revenge. Victor certainly does pay for his transgressions against God, the Creature, his family and the world.   Carelessness can have extreme consequences. It is only correct...
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