Frank Zappa

Topics: Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Frank Zappa, Jazz Pages: 3 (1132 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Frank Zappa remains as a major figure in the production of recorded music. He was able to influence the music scene by his incredible musical talents, his innovations in recording technology and his staunch social, political and controversial debates. Zappa’s profound influences on music and recording still remain relevant in modern production of music. Frank Zappa was involved in many different bands, musical styles and genres. ‘The 60s produced many creative new musicians, but none was more inspirational, controversial, stratological or creative than Frank Zappa (Arbus 1997)’. Frank Zappa rose to fame through his band The Mothers of Invention, which was known to play a range of styles from jazz to heavy metal rock to operas. Frank Zappa became highly known by the broader community for outstanding musical ability, innovative recording techniques, and his fascinating social and political battles. Zappa was born in Baltimore on the 21st of December 1940 and died on the 4th December 1993 at 53 years of age. Frank Zappa a brilliant rock guitarist, an orchestral composer, music producer, filmmaker, businessman, and social commentator. He produced over 60 albums of music streaming from rock to jazz to orchestra as well as many accomplishments in film and in his ongoing political and controversial social commentary. Zappa had a profound influence on record producing techniques and technology. He will also be remembered for various controversial acts or songs as his 1985 testimonial against music censorship, or his ‘conspiracy to commit pornography (Matthew Randall 1998)’. These types of acts become a major ‘source of mainstream publicity (Matthew Randall 1998)’ in Zappa’s life. Zappa fell in love and married Gail Sloatman in 1967. He then had four children and remained with her until his death. It was no surprise that a man with such a diverse musical tastes and drive for musical inventiveness was able to have such an effect on the music scene. Zappa learnt in high...
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