Frank Ocean

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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Frank Ocean
Christopher Francis Ocean (born Christopher Breaux; October 28, 1987), better known by his stage name Frank Ocean, is an American singer-songwriter from New Orleans, Louisiana. Ocean's early career was as a ghostwriter for artists such as Brandy, Justin Bieber, and John Legend. In 2010, he became a member of alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA, and his debut mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, was released the following year to critical acclaim. He released two singles: "Novacane" and 'Swim Good", which both achieved chart success. The mixtape gained the interest of recording artists such as Kanye West, Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z, and he consequently appeared on West and Jay-Z's Watch the Thronealbum. In 2012, the BBC announced that Ocean finished second place in its Sound of 2012 poll.[4] Ocean appeared at the Coachella Festival as well as at Lollapalooza at the end of his 2012 summer tour.[5] His debut studio album, Channel Orange, was released in July 2012. The album was promoted with three charting singles: "Thinkin Bout You", "Pyramids", and "Sweet Life". Ocean wrote an open letter, intended for the liner notes on Channel Orange, that would preemptively address "speculation about his same-sex attraction;"[6] he instead blogged it on Tumblr.[7][8] Ocean became one of the first major African-American music artists to announce that he had fallen in love with someone of the same sex, notable because the industry is known for homophobia.[9][10] -------------------------------------------------

Early life
Ocean was born Christopher "Lonny" Breaux on October 28, 1987, in Long Beach, California.[11] When he was around five years old, he and his family moved to New Orleans, Louisiana.[11] He grew up around its local jazz scene and listened to his mother's CDs on her car stereo, including albums by Celine Dion, Anita Baker, and The Phantom of the...
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