Frank Lloyd Wright - "Falling Water"

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Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous influential architect who designed many unique buildings all over the world. Each building was created differently because he believed that "there should be as many kinds of houses as there are kinds of people and as many differentiations as there are different individuals". He also believed that each building he created should be integrated with it's surroundings and in harmony with nature. The Milwaukee Art Museum has showcased his work there and gave it the title "Organic Architecture for the 20th Century." This exhibition presents and reveal Wright's vision for better living. While at the museum, I came across-ed a drawing of a house named "Falling water." The design of this house was very appealing and amazingly produced.

"Falling Water," is the name of a house that Wright had built over a waterfall. This house was built for the Kaufmann family (owner of Kaufmann’s Department Store), as their vacation house. E. J. Kaufmann commissioned Wright to build him a house near a waterfall, but instead Wright built the house right on top of the waterfall. He told the Kaufmanns that he wanted them to live with the waterfalls, to make them apart of their everyday life, and not just to look at them.

This two-dimensional drawing of "Falling Water," has many interesting elements to it. Wright positioned the house right above the horizon line, which gives the viewer a feel of invitation. It was as if the house was right in front of us. Perspective is also used well here. All the lines of the house leads to a vanishing point. The structure of the house is created with many rectangular shapes and horizontal lines. With this it gives the overall building a horizontal feel which emphasize a connection to the earth. The plants, trees, rocks that surrounds this building and the waterfall, definitely gave a organic feel to this house. The color used in this drawing is well chosen and used appropriately. Wright wanted...
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