Frank Lloyd Wright Biography Paper

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Impact on Modern Architecture

Ever since I was told when I was a young little league baseball player that my great-great uncle was one of the architects that worked on the Houston Astrodome, I have taken a liking to architecture and building designs. Growing up I visited Montreal and marveled at Olympic Stadium and the majestic buildings of Old Montreal. I remember trips to Chicago and was left breathless at the view of the Chicago city-scape high atop the Sears Tower, which was the tallest building in the world at the time. I enjoyed trips through my hometown of Detroit and admiring all of the well-designed buildings old and new. All of these buildings started with an idea and a great design. Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the greatest architects of the modern era, with his stunning designs placed across the globe; he is an example of futuristic designs and an inspiration to today’s modern architects. In this paper, I will examine the impact Wright has had on modern architecture and will attempt to answer the question; what will his impact be one-hundred years from now?

Frank Lloyd Wright was born in Wisconsin on June 8, 1867 and lived a very pedestrian child life. After high school, he enrolled at University of Wisconsin-Madison where he decided to become an architect after working with Joseph Silsbee on the construction of the Unity Chapel ( In 1887, Wright moved to Chicago and worked for the architectural firm ran by Louis Sullivan, who was a well-known designer of early office buildings (Getlein, p. 309). Wright then opened his own firm in 1893 and over the next two decades, he refined the principles of his trademark “prairie houses” seen commonly throughout the midwest (Getlein, p. 309).

Wright is perhaps best known for his domestic architecture more than his large-scale commercial and public buildings (Getlein, p. 309). Locally, Wright designed a stunning beach house right here in Virginia Beach...
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